iOS 15 Beta 1 vs iOS 14.6 Speed Test

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 8 Jun 2021

ios 15 vs ios 14.6 speed test

Apple announced iOS 15 with a lot of new features at the WWDC 2021 event. Shortly after the event, Apple released iOS 15 Beta 1 to developers. Although Apple didn’t promise any performance jumps with iOS 15, how does iOS 15 Beta 1 fare against iOS 14 in a speed test? iOS 15 supports iPhone 6s too. So are there any significant performance issues on the older generation devices?

YouTuber iAppleBytes conducted an in-depth speed test between iPhone running the latest iOS 14.6 stable version and iOS 15 Beta 1. The YouTuber conducted the speed test on a bunch of iPhones, including the six-year-old iPhone 6s and the five-year-old iPhone SE, and more. Interestingly, iOS 15 beta 1 performs more or less the same as iOS 14.6 on the older generation devices too.

As we can see in the speed test video above, iOS 15 beta 1 has some bugs due to which iOS 14.6 was slightly faster in some cases. For example, iOS 14.6 booted up faster than iOS 15 beta 1 in the speed test. In some cases like loading websites, iOS 15 beta 1 was faster than iOS 14.6.

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One must remember that this is the first iOS 15 beta. Apple will be releasing updates to iOS 15 in the upcoming months, patching bugs and adding fixes to the operating system. With subsequent beta builds, we are likely going to see some improvements in terms of performance in iOS 15 which should bring it on par with iOS 14.

iOS 15 brings much-awaited features to the iPhone. There’s redesigned notification system, improvements to the core apps like FaceTime, Notes, Maps, Messages, and more. With iOS 15, you can even dial a FaceTime call to your friends using Android or a Windows PC. Apple has also added the ability to watch content like TV shows and movies with your friends together with SharePlay.

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Have you installed iOS 15 beta on your iPhone yet? Are you experiencing any lags or performance issues with the build? What issues are you experiencing? Drop a comment and let us know!