iOS 15 Bug Prevents Siri from Toggling ANC and Transparency Mode in AirPods Pro

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 24 Sep 2021

AirPods Pro

A bug in iOS 15 prevents AirPods Pro owners from using the “Hey Siri” function to control ANC and Transparency Mode. Several AirPods Pro owners have reported on Reddit how asking Siri to turn off ANC or Transparency Mode on their AirPods Pro leads the virtual assistant to throw up a “Sorry, I can’t do that yet” error.

Apple seems to have fixed the issue in the first iOS 15.1 beta, as reported by one iPhone user who installed the beta.

Until Apple gets around to releasing iOS 15.1 or iOS 15.0.1 to the public with a fix for this bug, your only option is to use the Control Center on your iPhone to control ANC and Transparency mode of your AirPods Pro.

This is just one of the many bugs that iPhone users have encountered since updating to iOS 15. There’s another more serious bug in which users are getting a “Storage Full” error despite their iPhone having gigabytes of free storage space. You can check out our list of iOS 15 bugs and issues we have discovered so far to help you decide if it’s worth installing the update right now or not.