iOS 15 Bugs and Issues Discovered So Far

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 23 Sep 2021

iOS 15

Apple released iOS 15 to the public after months of beta testing. However, that does not mean the final public release of the OS is free from all bugs and issues. There are still plenty of bugs and issues in the public release of iOS 15. Below is a list of all the iOS 15 bugs and issues that have been reported so far.

iOS 15 is not as big of an update as iOS 14, so it should hopefully have fewer bugs than some of the previous builds of the OS. For now, below is a roundup of all the iOS 15 bugs and issues that we have encountered or been reported so far. They will help you decide if you should upgrade to iOS 15 or wait for a few weeks.

  • Many users report getting an iPhone Storage Full error after installing iOS 15 despite having tons of free space on their device.
  • Apple Maps keeps crashing on the first launch for many iPhone users after installing iOS 15. A restart fixes the issue.
  • The Weather forecast in the redesigned Weather app cuts off at the top when Accessibility features are enabled.
  • Custom notification sounds do not play when a new mail comes in the Mail app.
  • Safari has weird rendering issues and keeps crashing once in a while for some users.
  • Look Around image quality in iOS 15 is not as good as iOS 14. Apple has confirmed the issue and will fix it in a future update.
  • The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max switch to macro mode in the Camera app when one gets too close to a subject. Apple will fix this in a future update.

Apple will fix most of these bugs with a minor point update of iOS 15. However, until that happens, you’ll have to live with these bugs. Or you can downgrade your iPhone to iOS 14.8 if you wish to.

If you have noticed any other bugs and issues in iOS 15 not mentioned above, drop a comment and share it with our readers!