iOS 15 Will Require You to Click Selfie While Registering ID Cards in Wallet App

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 28 Jul 2021

One of the new features Apple introduced in iOS 15 is to register government issues ID cards in the Wallet app. 9to5Mac has now detailed a bit more about how the process of registering an ID card in the Wallet app would work.

According to the new reporta user would have to capture a selfie while adding an ID card to ensure that only the owner of the ID card is registering it. Though the feature is not available in iOS 15 beta, the publication has found some code and animation related to the registration process.

Check out the animation below:

The user would be required to go through a number of steps he/she can register the ID on iPhone. The verification would be done throw selfies, however, the system would be different than the system banking apps currently use to authenticate a user.

Similar to how you register a Face ID on your iPhone, the users would be required to tilt their heads in certain directions. An animation (show above) would guide the user through the process. This certainly means that the feature would require an iPhone X or above running on iOS 15 to work.

9to5Mac says the selfies would be processed on-device and will not require an internet connection to work. Once the ID is registered, you’ll be able to access it via the Wallet app on your iPhone.

The report states this is a private API being developed by Apple for this particular use. Though the company could open it to third-party developers in the future.

Apple has added some major features to the Wallet app in iOS 15. The ability to add hotel keys and car keys is welcomed, but registering a government-issued ID will be a certain convenience for iPhone users. Though it would work only in certain US states for now.

[Via 9to5Mac]