iOS 15 Features That Haven’t Been Released Yet

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 6 Oct 2021

iOS 15 Features not available at launch

Apple released iOS 15 earlier this month for all compatible iPhones and iPads. While iOS 15 packs several new features, the initial public release of the OS does not contain all the features that Apple first announced at WWDC 2021. Below are some iOS 15 features that have not been released yet, and which Apple will add with a future point release of the OS.

1. SharePlay

SharePlay was one of the major new features in iOS 15 that Apple highlighted at WWDC 2021. While the feature was available in the initial releases of iOS 15 beta, Apple eventually removed it before the public iOS 15 release.

Apple has re-introduced SharePlay in iOS 15.1 beta, so the feature will make its way to your iPhone or iPad when iOS 15.1 is released to the public.

shareplay disabled ios 15

2. 3D Navigation in CarPlay

3D Navigation in CarPlay in iOS 15 will provide more realistic and colorful details to improve the overall navigation experience.

You can already see 3D map data in Apple Maps on your iPhone, but if you want to see it in the display of your car, you’ll have to wait a wee bit more.

While Apple announced 3D Navigation in CarPlay for iOS 15 at WWDC 2021, the feature is not a part of the initial release of the OS. Instead, it will be added later this fall.

3. ID Cards in Wallet App

The Wallet app in your iPhone is more useful than you think. You can already use it to store details of your credit card, transit card, tickets, and more. With iOS 15, Apple is also adding support for government-issued ID cards like a driving license to the Wallet app.

This means you can just open the Wallet app on your iPhone to show your ID card whenever required. However, this feature will only be available by the end of 2021, and it will be up to various US states if they want to allow this feature or not.

4. App Privacy Report

App Privacy Report is a new privacy feature in iOS 15 that will provide you with a complete breakdown of how apps are recording and sharing your data.

You’ll have to enable the feature manually, but after that, your iPhone will keep a record of how and when apps access your microphone, camera, location, etc. This data will then be presented in a report form for easier understanding.

apple privacy report

5. ProRes

Apple announced ProRes alongside the iPhone 13 series at its ‘California Streaming’ event in mid-September. Similar to ProRaw, ProRes will allow iPhone users to record in a lossy video compression format. This means that the recorded videos will have far more details and data, allowing for greater post-production flexibility.

ProRes is not available on iPhone 13 series at launch. Instead, Apple will add it to the new iPhones with a future iOS update that should land before the end of this year.

6. CSAM Scanning

Apple announced its CSAM scanning initiative after WWDC 2021. As a part of this initiative, the company planned to do on-device hash scanning of all photos uploaded to iCloud Photos for child sexual abuse material.

Despite Apple’s claims that the feature has been developed keeping users’ privacy in mind, it was subjected to a lot of criticism from security experts, researchers, and the public from around the world. Ultimately, Apple gave in to all the backlash and decided to delay the release of the feature. There’s no clarity on when Apple would make its CSAM initiative live again with further improvements.

7. Universal Control

Universal Control is easily the most ‘wow’ feature that Apple demoed at WWDC 2021. Universal Control will magically let you control your Mac and iPad using the same keyboard and mouse. You’ll also be able to seamlessly drag and drop files from your iPad to your Mac and vice versa.

Universal Control

Which iOS 15 feature are you looking forward to trying? Do you think SharePlay should have been a part of the OS on launch da?