iOS 15’s iCloud Private Relay Feature Won’t be Available in China and Selected Other Countries

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 8 Jun 2021

iOS 15 Features

Apple debuted iCloud+ as a part of iOS 15, which brings with it the iCloud Private Relay feature. The feature works in a fashion similar to a VPN and encrypts all your internet traffic so that your ISP or advertisers cannot intercept your browsing data. However, due to regulatory reasons, Apple won’t be bringing the iCloud Private Relay feature to certain parts of the world.

As confirmed to Reuters, the iCloud Private Relay feature won’t be available in China, Belarus, Colombia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkmenistan, Uganda, and the Philippines due to regulatory reasons.

This is not the first time that Apple has withheld from releasing a new privacy feature in China. The Chinese government controls the browsing habits of its citizens which also allows them to regulate the content that’s available in the region.

In iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, Safari will send your web traffic to an Apple server that will remove your IP address. Then, a third-party server assigns a temporary IP, which is then sent to the final server. This ensures that your IP address, location, and browsing activity cannot be tracked by anyone. Apple has designed Private Relay to ensure not even the company could track the browsing activity of its users.

iCloud Private Relay is a part of iCloud+. It will be available free of cost to anyone who has upgraded to an iCloud storage tier, which starts from $0.99 per month. Apple also announced some other new improvements to iCloud, including being able to use it with a custom domain name, Hide My Email, and more.

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[Via Reuters]