iOS 15 Will Let You Track Your iPhone Even When It’s Switched Off

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 9 Jun 2021

ios 15 find my power reserve mode

Apple has added a new AirTag-like ‘Power Reserve’ mode to iOS 15 that lets you track your iPhone even when it’s switched off or factory reset. A new toggle under the Find My settings has revealed the new functionality.

It seems that when you switch off your iPhone running iOS 15, it doesn’t power off completely. Rather, it goes into a Power Reserve mode that makes it act like an AirTag. In this Power Reserve mode, an iPhone’s location can be seen in Find My app and tracked via its surrounding Apple devices.

This means when your iPhone’s battery runs out during the day, it can still be tracked for a few hours after being switched off. Apple says that an iPhone’s location can even be seen on Find My app even when the iPhone is factory reset.

Apple informs the users of the new feature by adding a label to the power off screen that says, “Location visible after power off.” This feature can be disabled in Find My under Settings on iPhone.

iOS 15 is one of the biggest iOS’ releases yet. It brings features like redesigned Safari, FaceTime links, improvements to Messages and Weather, and a lot more to the iPhone. Now that iOS 15 Beta 1 is available, features that Apple didn’t announce during the keynote are being revealed.

We got to know that Apple had implemented a Google Chrome-like pull to refresh in the redesigned Safari on iOS 15. Another feature that iOS 15 has brought back is the old-style date and time picker wheel.