iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 Beta 4 Features: What’s New

BY Sriansh

Published 27 Jul 2022

iOS 16 Unsplash

Apple released iOS 16 Beta 4 and iPadOS 16 Beta 4 for developers today. Unlike iOS 16 Beta 3, the new beta version packs several new features and changes. The update brings changes to Messages, Lock Screen, CarPlay, Mail, Settings, and more. Here is everything new that we have found in iOS 16 Beta 4.

iOS 16 Beta 4 Features: What’s new

Reduced Time Limit for Unsending Messages

Starting with Messages, the new beta version comes with new limitations the edit and unsend features. You can now edit a message only five times. Moreover, each edit version is logged, and all the versions are visible to both sender and the receiver. Users can tap the small blue “Edited” label to check the edit history.

The update also the amount of time a user has to unsend a message. Previously, users were allowed to unsend a message up to 15 minutes after sending it. In iOS 16 Beta 4, this time limit has been reduced to 2 minutes. However, unlike the reduced unsend time limit, there’s still a 15-minute window to make an edit.

Live Activities API Now Available for Developers 

Live Activities iOS 16

One of the key features of iOS 16 is the new Live Activities API. For those unaware, Live Activities are the new type of interactive notifications that are updated in real-time. Say you are following a soccer game. Instead of sending a separate notification for every goal, developers can take the leverage of Live Activities and show a notification on the Lock Screen that’s updated in real-time. With iOS 16 Beta 4, developers now have access to the new API and can start developing Live Activities for their own apps. 

Lock Screen Changes

iOS 16 Beta 4 Lock Screen

While we’re on the topic of the Lock Screen, iOS 16 Beta 4 also brings some minor tweaks to the Lock Screen. In the latest version, when you tap and hold to go to the customize screen, the section below the time shows the “Add Widgets” label. On the previous build, it only showed a plus (+) icon without any text. Buttons and text in the music widget are much bolder than before. The album artwork is also bigger in size in the new build. 

Control Nearby Devices

The latest build also adds a dedicated option to “Control Nearby Devices” in the Accessibility settings. Control Nearby Devices setting was added with the second version of iOS 16 Beta 3. This feature allows you to control other iOS 16/iPadOS 16 devices without having to touch them. You can play/pause music on the secondary device, see notifications, go to Home, and do a lot using the new Control Nearby Devices setting. 

Other Changes

  • You can now set the time you have to unsend an email in the Mail app to up to 30 seconds.

 iOS 16 Beta 4 Splash Screen New

  • When users open App Store for the first time, they’re greeted with a new splash screen that highlights how App Store is a trusted and safe place to download apps and games. When you open Notes for the first time, a new splash screen shows the new features introduced with iOS 16.
  • iOS 16 Beta 4 also introduces new wallpapers for CarPlay

iOS 16 Beta 4 Notification Changes

  • The new Notification Settings show the difference between the stack, count, and list. 
  • The customization page of the Lock Screen has also received some minor tweaks. 

Have you installed the latest iOS 16 beta on your iPhone? How’s your experience been? Noticed any other changes in iOS 16 Beta 4 that are not listed above? Drop a comment and share them with us.