iPad Pro’s A12X Bionic Beats Intel Core i7 Chip From Last Year in Geekbench

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 1 Nov 2018

Apple unveiled the iPad Pro earlier this week with its new A12X Bionic chipset. Based on the A12 Bionic chip found inside the iPhone XS and iPhone XR, the A12X Bionic chip features an 8-core CPU and a 7-core GPU to handle extreme multitasking load.

Apple claims the new iPad Pro is faster than 92 percent PCs out there. And if the Geekbench score of the A12X Bionic chip is anything to go by, it looks like Apple was not bluffing.

In single-core benchmarks, the A12X Bionic scores 5020 which is slightly higher than what the A12 Bionic chip inside the iPhone XS and iPhone XR manages. However, its the multi-core score where the A12X Bionic really flexes its muscles, with a score of 18,000+. This makes it significantly faster than the A12 Bionic which scores around 11,000 points.

2018 iPad Pro Geekbench score

That’s slightly slower than the Coffee Lake Core i7-8850H chip (19752 points) which powers the 2018 MacBook Pro but faster than most Core i7 desktop chips released in the last few years. For comparison, a Core i7-4770K scores around 15,000 points in Geekbench’s multi-core benchmark. A 15-inch MacBook Pro from 2017 featuring Intel’s Core i7 chip manages a multi-core score of 15731.

2017 MacBook Pro Geekbench score

The benchmark scores show what a beast the iPad Pro is in terms of performance. No wonder then that Apple and Adobe were able to show a full-fledged version of Photoshop running on the iPad Pro at the launch event without any hiccups.

Given the performance improvements that Apple is able to eek out from its A-series chips every year, it does seem plausible that we will see Apple release a Mac with an A-series chip within the next couple of years.