Entire iPhone 13 Lineup to Feature LiDAR Scanner

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 4 Jan 2021

iphone 13 lidar rumor

A new report from DigiTimes claims that the whole iPhone 13 lineup is expected to LiDAR scanner, and will not be limited to the Pro models.

A new supply chain report from DigiTimes claims that Android manufacturers have ordered a huge amount of dToF (direct Time of Flight) sensors from suppliers. Apple currently uses LiDAR scanners as dToF sensors on its iPhone 12 Pro, and recent iPad Pro models.

The main highlight of the report is that for 2021 Apple has ordered a huge amount of LiDAR scanner from the suppliers indicating that the company will include the scanner on every iPhone model. The report seems to hint that the scanner will not be limited to Pro models this year.

LiDAR scanner on iPhone not only improves depth detection for the camera, but it also proves to be highly accurate for Augmented Reality. Apple, lately, has been focusing a lot on AR, and it might be one of the reasons to integrate the sensor on the full lineup this year.

Apple has used this strategy in the past, wherein it has introduced a set of new features on the higher-priced models and then bring them down to lower-end devices. The company first introduced OLED displays on the higher-end models, like the iPhone XS and iPhone 11, before they brought it to the non-Pro iPhone 12 models.

iPhone 13 is finally expected to ditch the 60Hz display on the Pro models for a 120Hz refresh rate display. Apple might bring the higher refresh rate displays to Pro models before trickling it down to the non-Pro lineup. Earlier today, a report broke out claiming that Apple will bring mmWave 5G technology to more countries with the iPhone 13 launch. iPhone 13 is also expected to feature faster WiFi 6E.

Kuo says that Apple is on track with this year’s iPhone and will reveal the lineup in September only, unlike 2020.

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