iPhone 14 Pro Max Could Feature Display With Larger Screen-to-Body Ratio

BY Anu Joy

Published 5 Apr 2022

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Latest CAD renders of the iPhone 14 Pro Max show that it could feature 20 percent smaller bezels surrounding the display. Its bezels will reportedly be 1.95mm thick, which is thinner than the ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌ Max’s 2.42mm bezels.

The CAD renders that were shared on Twitter showcased the design of the iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max, which appear quite similar to past leaked CAD renders. Another tweet noted the dimensions of the upcoming device. The Twitter user had earlier speculated that the iPhone 14 Pro could feature both hole-punch and pill-shaped cutouts.

The ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max will supposedly feature 1.95mm thick bezels, which is 20 percent thinner than that of its predecessor — the ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌ Max. This would slightly increase its screen-to-body ratio. However, it’s unclear whether the reduced bezels will have a significant effect on the display. Do note that these dimensions do not take into consideration the 1.15mm thick steel frame that surrounds the display. So, the overall difference may not be that noticeable.

On the other hand, this year’s lower-end iPhone 14 models could sport a display with the same bezel thickness as the iPhone 13 series.

Furthermore, the depth of the phone is reported to be 12.16mm. Images show that the pill cutout on the front panel could be 7.15mm, while the punch-hole cutout could be 5.59mm. The iPhone 14 Pro Max will reportedly be 160.7mm tall and 78.53mm wide (including side buttons). The images suggest that the iPhone 14 Pro will use rectangular volume buttons, contradicting earlier renders from leaker Jon Prosser which showcased circular volume buttons.

Do you think the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro Max’s supposedly thinner bezels will have a significant impact on the display? Let us know in the comments.