The iPhone 3GS is Again Going on Sale in South Korea

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 19 Jun 2018

The iPhone 3GS is Again Going on Sale in South Korea

More than nine years after Apple first launched the iPhone 3GS, South Korean carrier SK Telink will start selling the handset once again to consumers by the end of this month. What’s impressive is that the carrier is not going to sell old and refurbished units. Instead, it would be selling unused units that are still in their original packaging. 

The original article says that these phones were kept in their original box packed state in a warehouse for a long time. All the units that will go up for sale have been tested for any kind of hardware defects to ensure they are working fine.

iOS 6 was the last release that supported the iPhone 3GS. Almost all modern iOS apps like Twitter, Facebook, PUBG, Fornite etc. would fail to work on the handset, with only basic functionality like calling and messaging working. The device also uses Apple’s old 30-pin connector which was phased out by the company in 2012. The charger, cable, and other accessories are bundled with the device, but if you misplace anything, you would be on your own.

SK Telink is selling the iPhone 3GS contract-free for 44,000 won ($40) which is fairly cheap, and if you are someone who has fond memories of the device, this makes for a good buy.

Would you buy an iPhone 3GS today if your carrier or retailer again started selling it today?

[Via ET News]