iPhone Users Complain about Missing App Store ‘Update’ Button

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 16 Feb 2021

iPhone App Store

Users are experiencing issues with App Store. The update button next to individual apps is missing/hidden. In other words, users are not able to update their apps to the latest version in the App Store or even check for an Update.

iOS users stormed to Twitter and started complaining about the issue. At this point, the bug only seems to be affecting iPhone users. Restarting iPhone or any other primary troubleshooting method doesn’t seem to work for many.

iPhone users will be able to update only once the bug is fixed. Thankfully, you can still tap on the “Update All” button and thus update all the apps. However, you will not be able to choose single apps for an update. Interestingly the bug is not affecting all iPhone users. Moreover, the button reappeared for some users after force quitting and restarting App Store.

Some users are also reporting that they are not able to add a member to family sharing. The above screenshot shows how the option is greyed out. It seems more likely to be an issue with App Store rather than an iOS bug. Furthermore, the App Store has also stopped showing the app’s version and size for some users.

Our Take

The App Store issue is not something new. We dug around and found a four-year-old Apple Forum thread mentioning the same problem. It looks like the bug is prevalent and has been around for quite a while. Many developers have already reported the issue to Apple and are waiting for a permanent solution.

Have you ever faced a disappearing Update button bug on App Store? Let us know in the comments below.