Report: Jony Ive Recruited ‘At Least Four’ Apple Design Team Executives for LoveFrom

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 3 Jun 2021

Tim Cook and Jony Ive

According to a new report from The Information, ex-Apple design team chief Jony Ive poached ‘at least four’ Apple’s design team senior employees for his own firm LoveFrom.

Jony Ive left Apple in 2019 to start his own firm LoveFrom. Jony parted ways with Apple, however, his firm was a client of the Cupertino-based giant. He was recently said to be involved with the design development of the M1 iMac. Now, a new report claims Ive convinced ‘at least four’ senior members of the Apple Design team to leave Apple and join his firm LoveFrom.

The Information states that the four former Apple employees include Wan Is, Chris Wilson, Patch Kessler, and Jeff Tiller. Wan Si is one of the oldest Apple employees to be poached. He and Wilson were a part of Apple’s human interface design team.

“The two designers, for example, share credit on a patent for the Health app icon in Apple’s iOS operating system and also were part of a team that designed the Apple Watch’s home screen. Wan contributed to the interface of the iPhone’s Weather app and the design of buttons in the iOS Control Center, while Wilson helped design the iCloud icon and several user interfaces for the Apple Watch’s operating system, according to patent filings. Wilson joined LoveFrom in July 2020, while Wan came on board in May 2021.”

Tiller joined Apple in 2017 in the public relations department. He was earlier a part of communications team of President Obama’s administration. He was initially hired by Apple to handle “administrative matters,” and is now a part of the “design support” team at LoveFrom.

Kessler spent a decade at Apple after joining the company in 2007. He joined LoveFrom in May of 2020 in an engineering role.

Since the initial announcement of the firm, LoveFrom and Jony Ive have kept a low profile. As the report cites, the company doesn’t seem to have a proper office as well. The company is currently registered at one of Ive’s homes in San Francisco.

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