Kuo: Apple Car Not Coming before 2025-2027 at the Earliest

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 27 Dec 2020

Apple Self Driving Car Project

A Reuters report from last week detailed that Apple Car would enter into production in 2024 and that it would feature “next level” battery technology. However, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims in his latest note that the launch of Apple Car is unlikely to happen until 2025-2027. And that’s the best-case scenario as per the analyst.

The analyst had predicted a couple of years ago that the Apple Car would launch in 2023-2025. But as per his latest survey, the current development schedule of Apple Car is not yet clear and even if its development starts this year and goes as per plan, it will only launch in 2025-2027 at the earliest. Kuo, however, himself says that due to the rapidly changing electric vehicle market and Apple’s own high standards, it is entirely possible that the launch of Apple Car is delayed to 2028 or even later.

Kuo also says in the note that Apple does have a “variety of competitive advantages” for this field, but it has struggled to enter new markets (e.g. smart speakers).

The Apple Car project was internally referred to as Project Titan at Apple. The company was seemingly working on the project at full force before abandoning it due to missed schedules and other issues. Back in 2016, Kuo himself had said that Apple has shifted focus from its secret car project to AR.

Our Take

Ming-Chi Kuo is among the most reputed and reliable Apple analyst. He has previously been extremely accurate with his Apple predictions and until something changes dramatically, there’s little reason to believe the analyst will be wrong this time as well.