Low Power Mode vs Normal Mode Battery Drain Comparison on iPhone

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 12 Jun 2021

low power mode battery comparison iPhone

We all use Low Power Mode on our iPhones in the anticipation that it helps us save some of that battery juice. But does it really? YouTube channel PhoneBuff ran an extensive 80 hours test finding out how the battery life on iPhone performs when it’s in Low Power Mode and when it’s in normal mode.

In the test, PhoneBuff used an iPhone 12 for the battery comparison test, so the OLED vs LCD display factor did come into effect. He also used the latest version of iOS 14, iOS 14.6, which is known to have some battery issues. He claims that both the displays were calibrated to the same 200 nits of brightness, they were set to the same volume level of the speakers and were connected to the same cell tower to ensure fairness.

Apple says that the Low Power Mode dims the display, limits the background refresh, decreases animation rate, and does a bunch of more stuff to save battery life. PhoneBuff performed three separate battery tests and then came to a conclusion. In all the tests, one iPhone was set in Low Power Mode from 100% and in the other iPhone, LPM was turned off.

In the first test cycle, he programmed the AI to a test wherein it cycled through a number of apps for 1-2 hours. Surprisingly, the Low Power Mode iPhone and the Normal Mode iPhone performed similarly with the LPM iPhone lasting only 5 minutes longer.

In the second and third tests, Low Power Mode did save 5-10% of battery life. He says that the older generation iPhones do benefit a ‘lot more’ since the displays aren’t as efficient as the newer iPhone 12 models. Well, you can test the claims yourselves. Enable the Low Power Mode on your iPhone, use it normally as you would, and see if you notice a difference in its battery life as well as its performace.

Do you use Low Power Mode on your iPhone? Do you think it helps you save battery life? Let us know in the comments section below!