Leaked MacBook Air Renders Reveal New M1 iMac-Like Colors, White Display Bezels, More

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 10 May 2021

Popular Apple leaker Jon Prosser has shown off the upcoming MacBook Air renders revealing its new flat design, M1 iMac-like colors, white display bezels, and more.

Just a few days after Prosser revealed that the upcoming MacBook Air could come in new colors, he has come with some of the renders that give us our first look at the new MacBook Air design and colors. Jon says that the upcoming MacBook Air would be a radical change to its design, since its inception, with Apple switching to a more flatter design than the current wedged design.

Jon says that the new MacBook Air would come in new colors, as opposed to current space grey, gold, and silver options. The colors of the new MacBook Air would be similar to the M1 iMac stand’s color. This means that the new MacBook Air might come in more colors like blue, green, red, and more.

Moreover, the display bezels on the next MacBook Air would also be white, just like the current M1 iMac, Jon says. There’s not much information about the display though, about it being a Mini LED display, or it even being bigger than the current MacBook displays. Ming Chi-Kuo has, however, previously reported that the new MacBook would come with a bigger 14-inch display.

Moreover, the keyboard on the upcoming MacBook Air is also said to be white in color. Function keys row is also said to be getting bigger in size, with the keyboard ‘shifting a little down.’ Jon says that due to the keyboard bigger in size, the trackpad on the MacBook Air might be smaller in size, in comparison to current MacBook trackpads.

If you wish to, check out the renders created by Jon and Ian in the gallery below.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming M2 MacBook Air design? Do you like the new colors? What do you think about the white bezels? Let us know in the comments section below!