Netflix Releases ‘Play Something’ Feature to Help You Decide What to Watch

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 28 Apr 2021

Netflix today is officially rolling out its new ‘Play Something’ feature for everyone. This new feature will help you decide what to watch, in case you’re having trouble in choosing what to watch.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve scrolled through hundreds of Netflix categories, watched thousands of Netflix previews and trailers, and still are not sure of what to watch. The new feature from Netflix, called Play Something, will help you exactly in this situation. It mimics the cable TV experience wherein the user turns on the TV and tunes in to what’s already playing.

But it isn’t exactly like that. Netflix says that the Play Something feature will offer a new series or film, any uncompleted show from the user’s watch history, or an episode from a show that you have already watched, but haven’t watched in a long time.

The new ‘Play Something’ button will appear beneath your profile when you log in to Netflix, as well as in the left bar of its TV applications, and in the bottom bar of its mobile application. The feature will first roll out to Netflix’s TV apps, and will then make its way to Android and iPhone apps.

Netflix has been testing new features for quite a while now. In March 2021, Netflix rolled out the “Fast Laughs” feature for Android and iPhone, which featured short comedy clips from popular comedians, movies, and TV shows.

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