This Stunning iOS 15 Concept Shows a Completely Redesigned Control Centre, Rounded Icons

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 23 Nov 2020

Two months back, Apple made iOS 14 available for the general public. The latest upgrade comes with a slew of features like Homescreen widgets, Smart Stacks, and more. The new iOS 15 concept from apple_labs (not related to Apple) features a new lock screen, minimal homescreen, rounded icons, and much more.

The icons on the iOS 15 Concept are rounded, and the typography looks different. Furthermore, the concept features a redesigned Control Center with rounded icons and redesigned toggles for Display and Sound Settings. Icons for Battery Settings, Torch, Orientation Lock come in dual shades while the user interface for Music in Control Centre is redesigned to a large extent. A closer look reveals a shadow effect for the icons, which looks cool.

Most of the iOS 15 concepts are hinting at a minimalistic design focusing on the essential. However, the iOS 5 concept by apple_labs misses out on some things. For instance, the Control Centre lacks details. But again, it’s just a concept, and we are pretty sure Apple will work out the kinks before releasing iOS 15 next year.

A recent rumor revealed that iOS 15 would drop support for iPhone 6s and iPhone SE. The same report claims Apple will release iOS 15 to the general public on September 15, 2021. Interestingly, Apple didn’t drop support for old iPhones with the iOS 14. The latest iOS supports iPhone SE that was launched in 2016. Typically, Apple supports devices for longer as compared to Android.

iOS 14 comes with new features like Smart Stacks, Hide Home Screen, Back Tap accessibility features, new Privacy features, customizable Home Screen widgets, and much more.

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[via apple_lab]