New Update to Prevent Free Access to iOS 17 Developer Beta

BY Dave Johnson

Published 20 Feb 2023

Developer Beta

An upcoming iOS update could prevent iPhone users from accessing the iOS 17 developer beta for free. 

Before now, users who want to enable iOS developer beta on their iPhone must install a configuration profile from the Apple Developer website. But that may no longer be the case. 

According to reports, the forthcoming iOS 16.4 now has a “Beta Updates” menu in the Settings app to allow users to enable iOS developer betas directly on their device. 

In other words, you no longer have to download configuration profiles to access the iOS beta. Furthermore, Apple intends to end profile downloads altogether, making a new menu the only way to enable developer betas on iPhones. 

The Beta Updates menu only appears on iPhones whose Apple IDs were enrolled in Apple’s Developer Program for $99 annually. That means iPhone users not part of the program can’t install the iOS 17 developer beta for free following its WWDC announcement in June. 

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Cracking Down on Free iOS Developer Beta

Apple has been working to prevent free access to its developer betas on iPhones. 

Last year, the tech giant cracked down on websites like that share developer beta profiles for free. Meanwhile, Apple’s legal team sent Twitter DMCA takedown notices for posts containing links to other sites such as and 

So how can iPhone users access beta profiles without paying the annual $99 fee?

You could try installing the iOS 17 developer beta using the IPSW file for free. However, it’s unclear whether this option is still available.

The good news is Apple’s public Beta Software Program is free. So users who want early access to the iOS 17 must wait for the public beta version, which will likely roll out in July. 

However, if you must access iOS 17 beta in June, paying the $99 to enroll in Apple’s Developer Program is best.