Non-iPhone 14 Pro Models May Skip 120Hz ProMotion Display

BY Anu Joy

Published 17 Jan 2022

Ross Young, noted display analyst, reported that Apple’s ProMotion technology could be exclusively available for iPhone 14 Pro models and skip lower-end iPhone 14 models. This contradicts analyst Jeff Pu’s claims that all upcoming iPhone 14 models could feature 120 Hz ProMotion displays.

Young noted that Chinese manufacturer BOE Technology does not have the capacity to ship enough LPTO panels for non-iPhone 14 Pro models. BOE is reported to be the supplier of LTPO display panels for non-Pro phones. On the other hand, iPhone 14 Pro models are expected to use LG Display and Samsung LTPO OLED panels.

He added that it would be risky for Apple to offer ProMotion for the lower-end models, leading to severe shortage if BOE cannot meet the demand. The display analyst went on to say that we can expect the entire iPhone 14 line-up to get the ProMotion feature in 2023.

Currently, ProMotion is limited to Apple’s Pro devices such as the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPad Pro, as well as the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. The ProMotion technology allows the display to refresh automatically at up to 120Hz based on the content that is displayed. It ensures a smoother experience while gaming, watching videos, and scrolling. Additionally, it varies the refresh rate to as low as 10Hz for static content to ensure longer battery life.

Recent rumors also suggested that only the iPhone 14 Pro models will feature a hole-punch cutout whereas the non-Pro models will keep the notch. Apple is reported to release four iPhone 14 models this year and drop the iPhone 14 mini from its line-up.