Non-Pro iPhones Could Get ProMotion Technology in 2025

BY Dave Johnson

Published 4 Apr 2023

A recent report suggests that Apple could expand its ProMotion technology to standard iPhone models in two years. 

In 2021, Apple introduced new iPhone 13 Pro models with its ProMotion display technology. It’s a marketing term that describes an adaptive high refresh rate display — refreshing up to 120 times per second. As a result, users can enjoy fluid scrolling and excellent responsiveness. 

While the technology already exists on several mid-range Android devices, it’s currently exclusive to the Pro devices on iOS. In other words, standard iPhone model users such as iPhone 14 and 13 are still stuck with the standard 60Hz refresh rate. 

But that could change soon. 

In a recent tweet, Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young suggested that Apple could expand ProMotion to the standard iPhones in two years. “Apple to go all LTPO in 2025, even base models to get 120Hz refresh finally,” he wrote. 

Here’s a breakdown of the roadmap as provided by Young. 

Implementing ProMotion Technology on Non-Pro iPhones

Based on the roadmap, low-power LTPO display technology should expand to the standard iPhones in 2025. That means the display on the forthcoming iPhone 15 and 16 models will still rely on conventional LTPS technology. 

That said, Apple usually implements Pro-only features on standard iPhone models within a few years of its introduction. 

For example, the iPhone 12 lineup got an OLED display technology in 2020 — three years after it first appeared on the iPhone X. Similarly, tech experts expect Apple to expand the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island feature to all four iPhone 15 models in September. 

Young’s roadmap also indicates that the display of the non-Pro iPhone models will get an under-panel FaceID and hole in 2027. On the other hand, Apple could introduce the same display technology to its Pro models in two years.