18-Year-Old Developer Recreates iOS 4 as an iPhone App

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 10 Jun 2021

OldOS iOS 4 iPhone app

You can now try iOS 4 on your shiny new iPhone 12 thanks to a new app. Zane, an 18-year-old developer from the United States has developed an app called OldOS that mimics the behaviors of iOS 4. The app provides a fairly close experience to the official iOS 4 operating system, with things such as wallpapers and apps very close to official look.

Apple just announced the fifteenth iteration of iOS this week. The new iOS 15 comes with a bunch load of features and has changed a lot since its first introduction. For the users who have never used an iPhone with the iconic skeuomorphism design language, the OldOS app is a good try.

The app recreates every single element of iOS 4. Users are greeted ‘Slide to unlock’ lock screen with a water droplet wallpaper. Since the app recreates an iPhone 4, a virtual home button is also present. The developer has taken advantage of the latest Apple technologies, like SwiftUI and Taptic Engine, and has added vibration for every time a user presses the home button.


You can even use the in-built apps like Notes, Weather, Maps, and Phone. When a user opens the Photos app, they can scroll through their entire library, but with the Photos app with a UI of 2013. Zane also plans to add the 2013 versions of Twitter and Facebook apps to the OldOS app.

Despite a few bugs here and there, the OldOS app is definitely worth a try. It is currently available on TestFlight. You’ll have to install TestFlight on your iPhone, and then use the link given below to register as a tester for the OldOS app.

Download – OldOS (TestFlight)