OPPO Unveils Next-Gen Under-Display Camera Tech As Apple Looks to Launch iPhone 13 With Smaller Notch

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 4 Aug 2021


Apple is looking to launch its iPhone 13 series with a smaller notch later this year. On one hand, an iPhone with (even) more screen real estate seems exciting. On the other, Android smartphone manufacturers are looking to incorporate front cameras under the screen.

OPPO unveiled its next-generation under-display camera technology today. The company says that the latest version of the under-display camera “maintains the integrity and consistency of the entire screen, both during use and while in standby.”

“Offering the perfect balance between consistent screen quality and camera image quality, it is an under-screen camera solution with no comprises.”

Previous generations of under-display cameras have been quite sub-par. They’re clogged with the issues like blurry front camera photos, inconsistent display quality, and were visible under sunlight. OPPO’s new tech seems to have resolved these issues.

OPPO’s latest under-display camera has a screen of 400-PPI over it. This makes the screen over the camera blend naturally with the rest of the phone’s screen. It has a new transparent wiring material that results in a “smoother visual experience.” The company has also incorporated various AI algorithms that allow the camera to capture more natural-looking photos.

To back up the claims, the company has released a photo of the prototype smartphone that uses the new under-screen camera. Moreover, the company has shared a picture captured via the new under-screen camera to justify that the camera performance to on-par with the normal front cameras.

Whereas OPPO has been fairly vocal about its under-display camera tech, Apple has always been the company that keeps its developments under the covers. The company’s strategy has always been to develop the tech behind the scenes, and when it thinks it’s good enough for public use, it rolls out in the next iPhone.

What are your thoughts on OPPO’s under-display camera? Do you think Apple will introduce an iPhone with an under-display Face ID in near future? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Via OPPO]