Buyer Orders iPod from Website, Gets Rocks Instead

BY Jason

Published 11 Mar 2013

ipod stone

This is pretty amusing (and not made up). An Indian customer ordered an iPod from one of the country’s leading e-commerce websites,, and to her surprise found something entirely unexpected in the box.

Earlier today, Nikhil Sekhar revealed on Twitter that his sister ordered a 160GB iPod worth Rs. 20,000 (~$350) from the site, and instead of an actual iPod in the box, found two stones. Nikhil shared an image of the iPod box with the stones on Twitter, which got a lot of RTs and eventually got a response from the website.

Fortunately for the buyer, the website has acknowledged the issue and would be delivering a replacement as soon as possible. Strangely, this isn’t the first occurrence of a customer ordering a product and getting stones instead.

Due to the large number of parties involved (Apple/Apple’s manufacturing partner, distributor, website, delivery company), it’s difficult to blame Flipkart entirely for the issue. By reacting promptly to the complaint, they would be hoping that they do not get any further bad press.