Poll: How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Apple’s AR Headset?

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 8 Feb 2021

A lot has leaked about Apple’s first AR headset in the last few weeks. As per reports, Apple will release its first AR headset in 2022 and it will be aimed primarily at developers.

So far, all the reports claim that Apple’s first AR headset will be a “pricey, niche precursor to a more ambitious” AR Glass that’s still a few years from launch. The AR headset will one-up the competition by using high-resolution displays, a fast CPU, and more. It will also feature multiple cameras and sensors for hand and eye-tracking.

The first AR headset from Apple will be developed in a way to make it suitable for 3D gaming, watching videos, and AR communication. It will also have a limited ability to overlay information on top of the display. To keep its weight in check and reduce the strain on the neck, Apple is planning on using a fabric exterior instead of metal. It has also developed a system where custom prescription lenses can be inserted into the AR headset over the VR display.

Apple is said to be working on ‘multiple ways’ of controlling the headset. These ‘ways’ include wearing a “thimble-like device to be worn on a person’s finger.” The device is also said to have a physical dial, similar to Apple Watch’s crown, on the side.

Most AR/VR headsets in the market currently cost around $500-$800 but Apple’s headset is expected to be priced in the ballpark of $1,000, with another report claiming it could be priced as high as $3,000. This will put the headset out of reach for most consumers, especially since AR/VR headsets are yet to take off among consumers. Apple itself is not expecting the AR headset to do very well, with insiders believing that it will sell around 180,000-250,000 units yearly or about one unit per retail store daily.

Given that AR/VR headsets are only useful for niche scenarios as of now, how much do you think you are ready to spend on Apple’s AR headset when it launches in 2022? Apple has been bullish on AR and it has invested heavily in the technology over the last few years. The latest ‘pro’ iPhones and iPad also feature a LiDAR scanner to help offer a more immersive AR experience.

Despite all this though, AR headsets have a very limited use case which could make many apprehensive of spending a lot of money on one, even if it is from Apple and if its benefits are not immediately clear. How much money would you be ready to spend on Apple’s AR headset? Take part in our poll below and let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment.