Reddit Unveils Its Own Clubhouse Competitor, Names It Reddit Talk

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 19 Apr 2021

reddit talk

Clubhouse was the first one to bring live-audio feed based social media, and now it seems like everyone wants to be a part of this trend. Reddit, today, unveiled its own Clubhouse-like app called Reddit Talk.

The company announced a “sneak preview” of the feature today, and it is available only for moderators right now. Interested moderators can go ahead and sign up on Reddit’s waitlist. Only moderators will be able to speak in a Reddit Talk right now, and the feature will soon be available to all community members soon.

For the time being, moderators will be given tools to invite users to join, mute participants, and remove speakers during the live sessions. But, only the moderators will be able to start a Reddit Talk, even when the feature is live for everybody. After a session begins, a normal Redditor can invite other users to join in.

In a ‘sneak preview’ of the feature Reddit shared, the UI seems to be very familiar to that of Clubhouse. Speakers of a session appear on the top of the display, with other listeners listed down below. Even the ‘Leave’ button has a very familiar “✌️” emoji in front of it. Reddit says that the moderators will be able to change the background colors and the emoji used in their own communities when the feature is fully available.

reddit talk ui

Reddit Talk seems like a good feature, especially for the AMAs (Ask Me Anything), QnAs, and sports-related discussions. Reddit says the feature has been built with these in mind.

Twitter has also been brewing its own Clubhouse competitor called Twitter Spaces. Facebook, today, has also announced its plan of bringing live-audio features to its app later in the summer. Reddit feels by releasing the feature early, it will be able to shape Reddit Talk with the community in its mind.

“Yes, there are a few different platforms diving into live audio right now. Our hope is that by announcing this early with a community-first design, we will see engaging conversations hosted first by moderators, who we’ll be working with closely to ensure we’re creating a unique, supportive, and positive user experience.”

Do you use Clubhouse? How often do you use the live audio-based social media platform? Drop a comment and let us know!

[Via Reddit]