Redesigned Mac Pro With 40-Core CPU and 128-Core GPU Coming Next Year

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 18 May 2021

Apple is planning to launch a redesign Mac Pro that will be 2x-4x more powerful than the 10-core chip that will power the new MacBook Pro. The new Mac Pro will reportedly launch next year.

Apple plans to offer the new Mac Pro in two different CPU configurations, with 20 or 40 CPU cores. This will be paired with a 64 core or 128 core GPU. For comparison, the current Intel-based Mac Pro can be configured with up to a 28-core CPU.

Thanks to the smaller package size and efficiency of Apple’s custom chip, the new Mac Pro will be notably smaller than the existing Intel-based Mac Pro.

One of the highlights of the Mac Pro is its modular nature allowing users to upgrade its RAM, GPU, and storage over a period of time. It is unclear how Apple intends to retain that on its upcoming redesigned Mac Pro.

Apple has also been working on a bigger iMac but reportedly paused development on it for a few months to focus on the launch of the 24-inch iMac. The Bloomberg report does not make it clear when Apple intends to launch this bigger iMac.

New MacBook Air With M2 Chip Could Launch This Year

The report further states that Apple could launch a redesigned MacBook Air with an M2 chip by the end of this year. The M2 chip will be a direct upgrade over the M1 chip powering the current MacBook Air. It will feature the same 8-core CPU configuration but run faster.

The GPU core count could be bumped to 10 for better performance. Apple is also planning on using the same chip on its low-end 13-inch MacBook Pro.

[Via Bloomberg]