Apple’s AR/VR Headset Could Reportedly Feature Three Displays

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 4 Jan 2022

Apple AR Headset concept

The rumor mill seemingly can’t get enough of the upcoming Apple mixed reality headset. Display Supply Chain (DSCC) has published a paper with its 10 predictions for the display industry in 2022, and it mentions that the Apple AR/VR headset could feature a three-display configuration.

DSCC says the Apple headset would debut in H2 2022 with VR capability and an AR passthrough mode. Further, the headset is expected to have a unique configuration comprising three displays.

“We predict that Apple’s headset will have an innovative display configuration, with three display modules; two Micro OLED displays and one AMOLED panel.”

The paper goes on to claim that the two 1.4-inch 4K Micro OLED panels would be supplied by Sony while “Apple will use the AMOLED panel for low-resolution peripheral vision, thereby enabling a foveated display system.”

The expectations for the Apple headset outlined in the paper corroborate a previous Bloomberg report saying the “advanced display configuration” will be relatively expensive. DSCC claims the product would cost “several thousand dollars.”

“Our assumption is that the first-generation headset will be a high-end device targeted at professionals and developers to expand Apple’s ecosystem in AR/VR, The device will also have multiple cameras enabling hand tracking and possibly a LiDAR sensor, according to rumors. Apple will likely include a powerful mobile CPU and GPU in the headset.”

Rumors about the mixed reality headset point in several different directions. Mark Gurman speculated that Apple would remain focused on gaming, content consumption, and communication. Another analyst claimed that Apple would outfit the headset with two 8K displays. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo spiced things up with a claim that the wearable could feature 3D sensors that enable gesture capture and object detection. Moreover, Apple could also launch multiple AR/VR headsets soon. Kuo claimed that the iPhone maker will launch a second-generation headset in 2024.

Until Apple teases the headset or reliable leaks surface, it’s hard to say what the headset will offer. What do you think Apple would offer? Tell us in the comments section below.

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