Report: Micro LED Apple Watch Coming in 2025

BY Sriansh

Published 10 Jan 2023

Apple Watch on table next to MacBook

According to the reliable display analyst Ross Young, the first Apple Watch with a Micro LED display will debut in spring 2025. Young claims that production on the panels for the device is set to begin at the end of 2024 and the device will be introduced in the spring of 2025.

The timeline provided by Young is different compared to the timeline provided by analyst Jeff Pu. Pu has previously suggested that Apple would introduce an Apple Watch with a Micro LED display in 2024. Moreover, the spring 2025 timing from Young is questionable as Apple has traditionally introduced upgraded Apple Watch models in the fall alongside new iPhones.

Moreover, apart from Young, none of the leakers have suggested that Apple is planning to move away from this timeline in the next two years. Although, it is possible that Apple will introduce a Micro LED Apple Watch in the fall of 2024 and ship it later in spring 2025 when the panel technology is ready.

Young did not provide any details on the size of the display, but Pu’s earlier report suggested that it would measure 2.1 inches diagonally, indicating that the display is likely for a future version of the Apple Watch Ultra. The current Apple Watch Ultra, which Apple introduced just a few months ago, features a 1.92-inch display, which is larger than the 1.77-inch display of the Series 8.

Micro LED technology offers several notable advantages over other display technologies. It offers superior color accuracy, fast response times, higher contrast ratios, and better HDR viewing for improved visibility. Additionally, Micro LED supports wider viewing angles and minimal screen burn-in over time, making it a more reliable technology in the long run compared to OLED.

Source: Twitter