Apple Watch Ultra Could Get Micro-LED Technology in 2024

BY Dave Johnson

Published 3 Jan 2023

Micro-LED Technology

A recent rumor suggests that the next-generation Apple Watch Ultra could get a larger display with micro-LED technology. 

Apple first introduced the Apple Watch Ultra in September 2022. It’s an entirely new category of high-end wearable devices that focuses on exploration, adventure, and endurance.

As such, the Apple Watch Ultra is perfect for extreme sports athletes, adventurers, and divers. 

Be that as it may, several customers are reportedly opting for the $799 Apple Watch Ultra over the more affordable Apple Watch Series 8; for good reasons. Besides its durability, the premium wearable has a larger display and better battery life. 

But the next-gen Apple Watch Ultra could be even better.

According to Haitong Intl tech research analyst Jeff Pu, Apple is working on exciting upgrades for the next-gen Apple Watch Ultra, including a larger screen. Pu suggested that the device could get a 2.1 inches micro-LED display — a slight upgrade over the current 1.92 inches OLED screen.

Despite the 2.1-inch-screen rumor, reports indicate that the entire watch is unlikely to get bigger. Instead, Apple could further shrink the 2024 Apple Watch Ultra’s bezels to create more screen real estate. 

So why micro-LED display?

Using Micro-LED Technology on the 2024 Apple Watch Ultra

A few online rumors suggest that Apple has been working to bring micro-LED displays to some of its products, and it’s not surprising. Micro-LED is a cutting-edge display with higher brightness and color accuracy than OLED. 

Unfortunately, the display is still expensive compared to OLED or mini-LED. So it makes sense that Apple would want to have a micro-LED panel on an Apple Watch before any other device.

After all, the smartwatch was the first Apple device to get an OLED display. 

Besides talking about the 2024 Apple Watch Ultra, Pu also outlines his expectation for the iPhone 15 lineup. The analyst also predicts the arrival of lower-priced AirPods to compete with budget-friendly headphones from other companies.