RipCode Brings Flash Content To iPad And iPhone

BY Andy

Published 17 Apr 2010

Ripcode ipad flash codec

We all love Apple's new iPad. However, one of the biggest complaints that users have had about the newly launched tablet device is its inability to run Flash.

But if a recent announcement by Texas based RipCode is anything to go by, we may soon be able to watch Flash based videos and animations on the iPad.

RipCode is a developer of transactional video transcoding software. The company claims that their latest product, TransAct Transcoder V6 can convert Flash based files and videos into formats like MP4 and MPEG, which can be rendered seamlessly over the iPad. Interestingly, the whole transcoding process happens over the cloud, which means that the users do not have to jailbreak or make any other modification from their end. RipCode calls their Transcoder V6 a “clientless Flash video codec” that can convert Flash files to MP4 or MPEG-TS in the cloud.

If released, RipCode's codec can solve one of the pertinent issues that users of devices like the iPad and iPhone have been facing with regards to media consumption. The company has not elaborated on whether the present solution shall also work over the iPhone but we're assuming this should be possible as well.

While a codec to render Flash on the iPad could be seen as a positive development for users and content owners alike, it needs to be noted that the ball is still in Apple's court over whether or not the codec may be allowed to function over the iPad. As folks at point out, the codec may be blocked via a bug fix or version upgrade that could prevent Flash files from being rendered in MP4 or MPEG formats on the iPad. Considering the recent spat between Apple and Adobe, such an eventuality cannot be entirely ruled out.

Do you think content publishers should use such workarounds to bring their Flash content to the iPad and iPhone or should they move to HTML5, which Apple is recommending?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments.