Rumor: 27-Inch Mini-LED iMac With ProMotion Coming in Early 2022

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 20 Oct 2021

According to reputed display analyst Ross Young, Apple is planning to release a 27-inch iMac early next year. The rumor was corroborated by unnamed sources known to MacRumors as well.

Young said that the upcoming 27-inch iMac would feature a mini-LED backlit XDR panel. He tweeted that Apple has planned to launch the computer in early 2022.

Young also mentioned that the panel will be capable of an adaptive refresh rate varying between 24Hz and 120Hz and it would likely bear Apple’s ProMotion branding. Young didn’t say what the display resolution would be. However, we believe it will either equal or exceed the 5K resolution of the current-generation 27-inch iMac.

Young’s confidence in claiming that Apple will use a mini-LED panel appears to be based on the fact that Apple has launched several products with the technology this year. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro and 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro all feature mini-LED displays.

Initially, Young had claimed that the rumor pertained to a standalone Apple display and not the iMac. A standalone monitor could be in the pipeline, though. With 25 years of industry experience, Young has a credible track record predicting Apple’s display-related features. He accurately predicted that the iPad mini would have an 8.3-inch display and the new MacBook Pros would feature ProMotion technology.