Rumor: Apple’s AR Glasses Could Launch in 2022

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 22 Sep 2021

AR VR Headset

Apple received widespread appreciation and some criticism in the wake of the iPhone 13 launch. However, a fresh report suggests that the company has an ace up its sleeve for 2022 in the form of a new AR headset.

A rumor report from Digitimes cites supply chain rumors and claims that Apple’s first-ever AR headset has completed its second phase of prototype testing. They are slated to enter the next stage called Engineering Verification Testing (EVT) next. The gadget is expected to be mass-produced in Q2 2022 and expected to go on sale during H2 2022.

The report mentioned that two big-ticket Apple products slated to launch next year are the Apple Car and the Apple AR headset. Since Ford poached Apple Car lead Doug Field, the rumor mill for it appears to have slowed to a crawl, bringing focus on the AR headset.

Apple is reported to have two models in the offing: one high-end variant aimed at commercial clients and one presumably more affordable model. The higher-end model is expected to contain a camera, a laser optical sensor, and a chip built using the 5-nanometer process node. The device is expected to weigh about 100-110 grams thanks to parts of the frame being composed of high-strength, lightweight magnesium alloy with traces of rare earth elements. Connectivity to the iPhone is expected to be enabled via Bluetooth.

The report noted that on numerous occasions, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that AR would change the way of life of mankind, and is hopeful for the development of AR. However, Apple is reported to be dissatisfied with the in-development headset’s heat dissipation, weight, and battery life.

If the device has completed the second phase of prototype testing, why are we seeing rumors of the iPhone 14 but no renders for to the AR glasses? Do you think Apple would actually develop AR wearables from scratch? Let us know in the comments below!

[Via Digitimes]