Safari in iOS 15 Offers a Pull to Refresh Gesture

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 8 Jun 2021

Safari Pull to Refresh in iOS 15

Apple is introducing a major Safari revamp with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. A major new usability improvement in the redesigned Safari is the ability to refresh a page with the pull to refresh gesture.

The feature is not new since Chrome on Android already has a similar feature. As the name suggests, you can refresh a page by simply pulling the page down. This gesture makes it far easier to refresh a page with just your thumb than hitting the refresh button.

The gesture will be the primary way in Safari on iOS 15 to refresh a page. Apple has hidden the refresh button from the tab bar to deliver a cleaner visual experience. The sleeker new tab bar lets you switch between open tabs with a simple swipe. You can use a similar gesture to open a new tab in Safari as well.

The pull to refresh gesture is used in several third-party apps, including Twitter, Gmail, Outlook, etc.

Apart from the new pull to refresh gesture, Safari on iOS 15 also features tab groups that are synced across devices. Safari on the iPhone and iPad has also gained support for Safari extensions, so you can install various extensions to further enhance the browsing experience. You can also select which websites a particular extension will be active on.

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