Samsung Takes a Dig At iPhone 12 Pro Max With New Galaxy S21 Ads

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 24 May 2021

samsung galaxy s21 iPhone 12 ads

Samsung has released three new video ads taking a dig at Apple’s latest iPhone 12 series. Samsung says that your next phone “should be an upgrade, not a downgrade” stating that its new Samsung Galaxy S21 series is superior to its Apple counterparts.

All three Samsung ads focus mainly on the cameras in the S21 Ultra. In the first ad, Samsung says that the camera on its Galaxy S21 Ultra is far more superior to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It says that iPhone 12 Pro Max offers to zoom up to only 12x while the S21 Ultra can zoom up to 100x. Of course, they’ve highlighted this capability by comparing two Moon shots.

In the second ad, Samsung mocks Apple by stating that its latest iPhone 12 series comes with only 12MP camera sensors. While the latest S21 Ultra has a 108MP shooter. Samsung compares the two smartphones by zooming in on a photo of a cheeseburger. It says you can ‘see pin-sharp details’ on the S21 Ultra shot while the image taken by iPhone 12 Pro Max distorts when zoomed.

In the third, and the final ad, Samsung highlights its ‘Single Take’ feature. It says that when you can take both ‘photo and video’ in just one click, why to bother to choose between ‘photo or video’ — taking a dig at the Live Photo feature. Samsung’s Single Take feature lets you capture 3 to 10 seconds video and photo with a single click, while Apple allows only 3 seconds of photo and video with its Live Photo feature.

Samsung’s new ads come three days after Apple released its new privacy-focused ‘Tracked’ ad. Apple highlighted how app tracking works in the real world, and how app tracking transparency would solve it. Apple has gone on to protect user privacy with ATT, while Google, even with its latest Android 12, allows app tracking on smartphones.

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