Samsung Mocks Apple for Not Including a Power Adapter with iPhone 12

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 16 Oct 2020

Whenever Apple makes a bold move, Android OEMs tend to mock the company for it before doing the exact same thing. Samsung and Google mocked the iPhone in their ads when Apple did away with the headphone jack in the iPhone 7. Apple doing away with the charger and EarPods in newer iPhones has given Android OEMs another opportunity to mock the company.

Samsung and OnePlus both have taken a jibe at Apple by highlighting how their phones come with a power adapter. Samsung has a post on Facebook with a picture of a USB-C fast charger and the line “Included with your Galaxy” written below it. Similarly, OnePlus also mocked Apple during the OnePlus 8T unveiling earlier this week saying it includes the 65W Warp Charger for free in the box.

Samsung mocks apple for charger

It is almost a given that within the next few years, Samsung and other Android OEMs are going to follow in Apple’s footsteps and stop including a charger with their devices. In fact, rumors started circulating in July this year itself that Samsung is also considering not bundling a power adapter with its 2021 flagship devices. Even if these companies are not as focused as Apple on saving the environment, they do care about their bottom line. By removing the charger from their flagship devices, Samsung and other OEMs can easily add a few millions of dollars to their profit margin every quarter which is a big enough incentive for them to follow Apple.

As a consumer, whether you like this trend or not, Apple has set the path and Android OEMs will follow suit sooner than later. And like almost every other bold step taken by Apple, this is something that consumers will also get used to after a period of time.