Samsung’s ‘iTest’ Website Simulates a Galaxy Device Experience on Your iPhone

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 9 Apr 2021

Samsung has launched an interactive website called “iTest” to allow iPhone users to experience a Galaxy device on their handset. The company is currently advertising the website in New Zealand.

When one visits the iTest website in New Zealand on their iPhone, they are prompted to install a web app on their Home Screen. Tapping the web app will then provide users with an experience similar to what one would get on a Galaxy device. You can also simulate phone calls, messages, etc., to get a proper experience of using a Samsung Galaxy device. Samsung also shows tips throughout the UI to further enhance the user experience.

Samsung iTest

The Settings app does not work fully though, with Samsung only listing all the available options. Tapping on any of them shows a message that this is where you can find all the options to adjust all your settings.

All Samsung apps like Samsung Kids, Samsung Health, Smart Switch are also available to try for the full experience. Samsung does note that the web app “can’t replicate every function,” but you are still going to find enough reasons to switch to the “other side.”

The entire experience of using the web app to simulate a Galaxy device on an iPhone works really well and gives a very immersive experience. If you are thinking of switching from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy device, you should definitely try out the iTest website from Samsung.