Report: iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity Feature to Launch in More Countries

BY Sriansh

Published 15 Sep 2022

iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity Feature

Apple introduced iPhone 14 with the new Emergency SOS via Satellite Connectivity feature. During the launch event, the company announced that the feature would only be available in the United States and Canada at launch. A new report from MacPrime now suggests that Apple could launch this feature in more countries as soon as later this year.

While the report doesn’t dive into specific information about the additional countries, it says that Apple will launch the satellite connectivity feature in some countries this year, followed by even more countries in 2023. Apple is yet to comment on the situation.

For those unaware about the feature, the Emergency SOS via Satellite enables iPhone 14 users to connect to satellites directly in case the iPhone cannot find the cellular signal. While the device is searching for a signal, the iPhone will ask users a few questions to fasten the process.

Unlike cellular networks, Apple’s algorithm compresses text messages three times to speed up communication. According to Apple, when there is a direct view of the sky and the horizon, a message might take 15 seconds to send, but if there are trees or foliage in the way, it may take 2-3 minutes to send.

We are also waiting for Apple to release more details regarding the pricing of Emergency SOS via satellite feature. While the feature will be free for two years for iPhone 14 buyers,  the company could either charge users or continue to offer the feature free upon expiration of the two-year window. There is nothing confirmed at this time.

iPhone 14, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max go on open sale starting tomorrow. Have you (or are you planning to) purchased an iPhone 14 series smartphone yet? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below!

Source: MacPrime