SiriUnlock Jailbreak Tweak Lets You Access Personal Data with Siri without Unlocking Your Device

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 13 Jun 2019

Apple designed Siri to make our lives easier. The virtual assistant lets us use voice commands to access the iPhone/iPad features. Siri is extremely useful when you don’t want to touch your phone and yet want the required info. Due to security concerns, Apple blocks Siri from accessing sensitive information when locked.

Blocking Siri from accessing private data is definitely a good thing privacy-wise. However, it would have been helpful if Apple gave an option that let the users decide for themselves. Thankfully, a newly released jailbreak tweak is here to offer the missing functionality. The tweak is called SiriUnlock and is published by developer CokePokes.

Once installed, the tweak lets you invoke Siri commands while the phone remains locked. With this in place, you will be able to access contacts, notes, and text messages without having to unlock your phone.

The tweak is particularly useful if you rarely leave the house and the device is mostly at home. It is also fine to use it if you don’t store sensitive information or you are not really bothered about others accessing your private data. I would personally not use this tweak on my daily driver device, however, I wouldn’t mind using it on a spare phone with little or no sensitive information.

Please be warned that tweaks like this come with their own risks. More often, attackers use virtual assistants to hack into a smartphone. That being said, you can always revert back to native Siri settings by uninstalling the tweak from your device. You can download the tweak from CokesPokes’ beta repository on Cydia. As far as support is concerned, SiriUnlock should work just fine on both jailbroken iOS 11 and iOS 12 devices.

You can add CokePokes beta repository to your package manager via the following URL:

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