CES 2020: Speck Announces Presidio2 iPhone Cases with Air Capsules that Offer 13-foot drop protection

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 7 Jan 2020

Apple iPhone is often regarded as one of the premium smartphones and the price tag often reflects the same. Most of us buy iPhone cases and covers to protect from fall or day to day wear and tear. Speck has announced a new Presidio2 lineup that offers airbag-style protection for your iPhone.

Automobile manufacturers have been offering Airbags to protect drivers in cases of a crash. Now Speck has designed something similar for iPhone. The Presidio2 uses “Cloud Armor” technology. Marketing term aside, the technology works with the help of air capsules that are added along the periphery of the device. In case of an impact, the air capsules expand and offer an air cushion for your iPhone, just like an airbag in a car.

The interior of each case is lined with individual air capsules. At impact, these phone-loving-air-pockets compress and suspend your phone on a comfy cushion of air, just like an airbag.

Speck’s specifications claim that the Presidio2 case can protect your iPhone from drops of up to 13 feet height. Furthermore, it will also bake in antimicrobial protection in order to arrest odor and protect against stains. The Presidio2 lineup will debut in spring this year and will consist of Presidio2, Presidio2 Grip, and Presidio2 Pro cases.

[via Speck]