Telegram Is Beta Testing a Premium Subscription for Its iPhone App

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 2 May 2022

Popular instant messaging service Telegram has been dabbling with monetization strategies recently. A Telegram Premium subscription service could soon unlock new emoji and message reactions for paying users on the iPhone app.

According to a report from Android Police, Telegram is testing a new Premium subscription in its latest beta build for iPhone, bearing version number 8.7.2. The beta build includes Premium-only stickers and message reactions. However, no other paywalled features were immediately visible.

Interestingly, free-tier users will be prompted to subscribe to Telegram Premium if they try using the premium content. Additionally, free-tier users won’t be able to see the exclusive emoji and reactions even if they receive them from a Premium user.


Until this Telegram Premium subscription rolls out as a part of a stable build, the platform is making money through advertisement sales and paid features for large group channels. However, a vast market of individual Telegram users remains untapped.

Telegram has led the way for other instant messaging platforms in terms of features, but it won’t be the first to implement a Premium tier. Twitch and Discord also have premium tiers that require payment to unlock emoji and customization options.

Telegram Premium is still being beta tested, and the features it offers could change ahead of a wider rollout. Moreover, the intended pricing and release timeline remain a mystery as well.

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