Telegram for iPhone Will Get Group Video Call Feature Next Month

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 28 Apr 2021

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Telegram is known for its excellent security features and features like ephemeral messages. In the recent past, Telegram messenger has gained features like Audio Chat and Video Chat. Today Telegram founder Pavel Durov announced that the app would get group video call support next month.

Durav announced the new feature on the official Telegram channel and listed all the new features.

We will be adding a video dimension to our voice chats in May, making Telegram a powerful platform for group video calls. Screen sharing, encryption, noise-cancelling, desktop and tablet support — everything you can expect from a modern video conferencing tool, but with Telegram-level UI, speed, and encryption. Stay tuned!

Telegram is usually the first one to offer security features. However, it is playing catchup with competitors like WhatsApp when it comes to group video calls. Telegram recently launched a new web version. Durov says Telegram is testing “a functional version of web-based video calls internal which will be added soon.”

He said the Webk and Webz versions of the web app are “by far the most cross-platform versions of Telegram we shipped so far”, and noting that no downloads or installs are required to access your chats via the browser.

Summing it up, Telegram will soon add features like screen sharing, encryption, noise-cancelling, desktop and tablet support. All the new features are expected to offer the same level of encryption and privacy.

Our Take

As the pandemic continues, video calls and group video calls have become extremely popular. Perhaps Zoom and Clubhouse can contribute their raging success partly to the pandemic. Good thing is that Telegram uses e2e encryption for its video calls and offers better security feature than Zoom.

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