‘The One Device’ Book Retraces the Origins of the Original iPhone; Now Available in Stores

BY Chethan Rao

Published 20 Jun 2017

The One Device - iPhone

The first-gen iPhone was launched all the way back in 2007. A new book called “The One Device”, written by Brian Merchant, gives readers the chance to relive the years leading up to the iPhone launch.

The reviews from the critics have been fairly mixed, so it’s safe to say that it hasn’t matched the expectations of the people. This is mostly due to the fact that the book only talks about the kind of impact Apple had on the industry with the iPhone, and also about how an iPhone is made.

There are no details on what happened internally at Apple during or prior to the launch or development of the device. So you probably won’t know about the discussions and arguments that happened behind the scenes back then.

Most of what the book talks about are already in the public domain. Critics have pointed out that the book completely ignores the impact that Android could have had on Apple, and also how Apple dramatically changed its stance on iPhones post the death of Steve Jobs.

Critics, however, have praised the core story of the book, although some chapters apparently felt like they were dragged on too much. The book discusses several aspects that go behind the development of the iPhone like artificial intelligence, Siri, and an interview with Apple’s head of Advanced Development, Tom Gruber. You can grab the book from a bookstore near you or at Amazon.

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