These Apps Will Give Your Mac A New Lease On Life

BY Megan Lopez

Published 8 Feb 2021

These days, there’s no need to go spending thousands of dollars on a brand new Mac. Thanks to innovative apps, you can make your older Mac seem as good as new by adding them and upgrading your computer experience. And with the help of the 2021 Mac Utility Bundle you’ll get access to five great apps that would typically cost you $51 for a whopping 61% off at just $19.99 in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub.

Your Mac will feel as good as new with the elite apps included in this bundle, like The Yummy Video Downloader, which helps you download videos, music, or both from any website and instantly export them to the format you would like. AppKiller: Close All Apps is a handy way to close all of the apps running on your device instantly, while Markdown+ Markup Editor lets you edit, style, preview and export your markdown in macOS. FileUnhider: Hide/Unhide Your Files makes it easy to hide or unhide files with just one click. And SpeakMe: Text to Audio Converter rounds out the bundle and lets you convert text to audio in any language with just one click.

Get these awesome apps for one low price and make your Mac experience even more convenient. The 2021 Mac Utility Bundle is available now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $19.99.