This Concept Envisions the iPhone X2 With a Slider Design

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 8 Jan 2019

iPhone X2 Concept

The leaked iPhone XI renders have left many people disappointed. While it is exciting that Apple is switching to a triple camera setup for its 2019 iPhone, the camera setup looks a bit odd. Well, there’s still hope for the 2020 iPhone and we hope Apple takes some inspiration from this crazy iPhone X2 concept which takes design cues from the original iPhone. 

The iPhone X2 concept envisions an iPhone with the same curvy edges as the original iPhone and keeping with the trend, it also comes with a slider similar to the Mi Mix 3 and Oppo Find X which houses the front camera. The inclusion of a slider means this concept iPhone X2 lacks a notch which many people seem to hate.

The rear camera setup in this concept iPhone X2 is definitely interesting, with multi-camera setup being relatively compact despite housing four camera lenses. This kind of technology is likely a few years away so don’t really expect it to show up on an iPhone anytime soon in the foreseeable future.

The concept envisions the Apple logo at the rear housing a fingerprint scanner. That’s unlikely to happen in real life since Apple has gone all in with Face ID though.

Apple has really been very conservative in adopting new cutting-edge design language with its iPhone lineup and this concept envisions the company trying out something new and bold with the iPhone X2. Obviously, since this is a concept, it does not take into account the technological challenges and fact whether the slider will survive years of abuse and dings and drops.