Top 5 Apple Car Concepts We Have Seen So Far

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 20 Feb 2021

apple car concept

It’s no secret that Apple is working on Apple Car. Multiple leaks and rumors have suggested that the company will launch its automotive sometime later in this decade. Multiple concept creators and designers have come up with a ‘vision’ of what the Apple Car may look like. These are the top 5 Apple Car concepts we’ve seen so far.

Internally known as ‘Project Titan,’ a lot of information about Apple’s ambitious Car project has been reported in the past few weeks. After a draught of six months, we finally got to know a few things about Apple Car last December, when a report leaked saying that the car would feature ‘next level’ battery technology. Since then, a flurry of leaks and rumors, have been reported about the Project Titan hinting that the car would soon be a reality.

It is said that Apple’s internal development of the project is almost complete, and the company is looking for partners to manufacture the car. Even though we might not see the actual car up until 2025, various designers and concept creators have given us an idea about how the product might look like. These are the top five Apple car concepts we’ve seen so far.

The Best Apple Car Concepts We Have Seen So Far

1. Concept Creator’s Apple Car Vision

The first concept on our list is the combined project of Concept Creator and LetsGoDigital. This video was released just a few days after the first report regarding the car’s next-generation battery technology came out. The concept shows the car in ‘Matte Black’ color, with a single glass top from back to the front.

The design looks like a mashup of Apple’s second-generation Magic Mouse, and Tesla Model 3. The design is quite appealing to be really honest, especially in the slick black color. The front has the Apple logo up top, with white headlights, in a single strip form, running below it. A similar backlight can be seen in the back of the car. Interestingly, there’s a grill below the back headlights, even though we’re quite sure that Apple Car is going to be all-electric. Well, we just hope Apple doesn’t end up including a charger similar to Magic Mouse 2 for its car.

2. MotorTrend’s Apple Car Concept

Tesla, the largest electric car manufacturer in the United States, released its Model 3 back in 2016. At the time, MotorTrends, a major automobile-centric YouTube channel, came up with a concept of what the Apple Car might look like. There weren’t many leaks and rumors of the car at the time, so the concept we’re seeing isn’t the best one, but it’s worth mentioning since it came out at a time when electric vehicles were starting to show up.

CNet’s Road Show senior editor, Tim Stevens, was on the show and he said that the concept wasn’t really that appealing. “I don’t think an average iPhone user will be interested in buying a car with this design,” he said. All the other creators on the show agreed that the design of the concept shown above was a bit ‘boxy’ as opposed to what Apple might end up with. Apple Car is said to come with a more aerodynamic design, and not the high-roof hatchback, seen in the video above. The discussion, then, mainly revolved around what Apple might be working ‘for the inside’ rather than the outside. They discussed the approach Apple might take with the Apple car, which would involve a lot of cameras, sensors, and a high-end in-car infotainment system.

Check out the whole video on the Motor Trends channel, which gives us a deep insight into what Apple enthusiasts thought of the project Titan back then, and how their thinking is different from the current scenario.

3. Interior Concept

apple car interior

This concept shows what the Apple Car’s interior might look like. Though this is far from reality, considering Apple’s minimal approach in every product it creates, this concept is worth mentioning. The first thing that struck me in this design is the steering wheel, which is similar to Tesla’s latest Model S. Tesla has opted for a racing-car-like steering wheel for its latest car, instead of a normal circular steering wheel. Contrary to this concept, Jony Ive envisioned Apple Car without a steering wheel, which drove on its own with the help of cameras, sensors, and AI.

The concept also shows us that Apple might opt for multiple displays in the car. These multiple displays will be used for different purposes. Like the one in front of the steering wheel will be used for the speedometer and the maps. Side displays, in the concept, show us that they will be used to control air conditioning, temperatures of the seats, or adjustment of them.

4. Concept Based on BMW i3 

bmw concept car

BMW’s i3 concepts made waves during the second decade of the 2000s. It was the first all-electric car from the company and was an instant hit. Sources close to Apple once said that the Cupertino-based giant once considered releasing a car using BMW’s i3 as the basis. But then the discussion between the two companies fell off due to Apple’s demand of keeping the ‘charge’ of production and design.

During this time, many concept creators came up with a ‘BMW x Apple’ design that showed an Apple car with BMW i3’s body, and Apple’s CarPlay infotainment system. It imagined a car with an interior of i3, but with a lot of cameras and sensors outside, which would help in controlling the vehicle.

5. First Apple Car Concept 

This is one of the most interesting Apple Car concepts on the list. This concept, though far from real, was released way back in 2010, when Apple announced its iPhone 4. Not much was known about the car back then. Well, we didn’t even know that Apple was working on a smartwatch, let alone the car.

The concept, ‘iMove,’ shows a high-roof hatchback Apple car with a futuristic design. The car, interestingly, only has three seats in it, with two being in the front and one in the back. The concept is, again, a mashup of Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 design and a normal hatchback car. It has glass on all the sides, with ‘funky’ looking tires on the bottom.

Lastly, it is worth noting that the following Apple Car concept, which went viral last December, is fake. The video was first uploaded on TikTok, and then YouTube before it went viral. The concept has been rendered fake by the creator since then, it is just a CGI re-upload of a 2013 Mercedes-Benz Vision Gran Turismo Concept.

Please note that these concepts are created by designers based on the information available. The final vehicle will not look anywhere close to these as the car is still under development.

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