Video: ChargerLAB Tears Down Apple’s New 35W Dual USB-C Charger

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 21 Jun 2022

Apple-35W-dual usb c charger

After its launch at WWDC 2022, Apple started selling its new charger last week. The device features two USB-C outputs for charging. Although the fit and finish of the device are right up there with the best Apple accessories, a teardown video shows how much care Apple has taken to develop the charger’s internals.

The teardown video of the new Apple accessory has been posted to YouTube by ChargerLAB. The video is six minutes long, and it takes a close look at all the components that make up the charger. The 35W Dual-USB-C charger is made up of the following important components:

  • Input Fuse: SCHURTER
  • Bridge Rectifier: LITE-ON MRS30M (3A 1000V)
  • Electrolytic Capacitor: AiSHi, CapXon
  • Master Control Chip: PI ZN1431C
  • Transformer: Salcomp
  • Synchronous Rectifier: AOS AONS62920
  • Solid Capacitor: CapXon
  • MOSFET: ON Semiconductor NTTFS4C05N
  • Protocol Chip: Infineon CYPD4236-LQXQT

The charger allows you up to two devices simultaneously. You can charge a MacBook and an iPhone or iPad simultaneously, a d each device will receive 17.5W. Even if you hook up an iPhone and iPad to the charger, you will be able to charge both devices at 17.5W each.

However, if you connect a MacBook or iPhone to one output and an Apple Watch charger or AirPods to the other, the former receives up to 27.5W while the latter would charge at 7.5W. If you’re charging only one device, it will receive the full 35W.

The video reveals that Apple achieved the dual output design using a rather symmetrical circuit board. If you have a few minutes to spare, make sure to check out the video below: