watchOS 7.3.1 Released With Apple Watch Charging Bug Fix

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 15 Feb 2021

apple watch charging

Apple, today, released a minor software update for its Apple Watch devices. Dubbed watchOS 7.3.1, the update brings an important bug fix to the watchOS 7 operation system that prevented Apple Watch Series 5 and SE from charging.

The update was released to the general public today. It comes only a couple of weeks after watchOS 7.3 was released. The update is available to download and can be directly installed on your Apple Watch devices through the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. You’ll need to head over to General -> Software Update to install the new version.

It’s worth noting that watchOS 7.3.1 is only available for Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series SE. The update will not show up on other Apple Watch models.

Apple’s official release notes say:

“watchOS 7.3.1 addresses an issue that prevented some Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch SE devices from charging after entering Power Reserve.”

Power Reserve mode on Apple Watch lets you see the time while reserving the battery on your Apple Watch. On some Apple Watches, the charging was stuck in the Power Reserve mode after the watchOS 7.3 update. People on social media called out Apple that their Apple Watch won’t charge after entering the Power Reserve mode. Today’s update fixes that.

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