WhatsApp Finally Rolls Out Chat Transfer History Between iPhone and Android

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 11 Aug 2021

WhatsApp doesn’t let users transfer their chat history between iPhone and Android phones despite all the new features. If you want to switch from an iPhone to Android or vice versa, you have no option but to forego chat history or depend on third-party apps. WhatsApp has announced a new feature that lets you transfer chat history between iPhone and Android at the Samsung Unpacked event.

Initially, the feature will be available for iPhone users who want to switch to new Galaxy foldable smartphones. Looks like Samsung has teamed up with WhatsApp to make it easier for iPhone users to switch to new foldable devices. WhatsApp adds that the feature will soon be available for iPhone and Android. WhatsApp chat is end-to-end encrypted, and this makes it challenging to migrate to other platforms. The company claims to have worked with major smartphone manufacturers and operating systems for the new feature.

WhatsApp will be introducing the ability to move your entire WhatsApp chat history — including voice notes, photos, and conversations — in a seamless and secure way if you choose to switch mobile operating systems.

The feature will be available to users of both Android and iOS systems — which means that people will be able to switch from both Android to iOS and from iOS to Android. It will start to roll out on Android initially, and on Samsung’s newest Galaxy phones to start. Users will be able to take their WhatsApp history from iOS to an Android device, and will subsequently be able to do the same on iOS devices.

One of the things holding people back while switching from one platform to other is WhatsApp chat history. You never know when you want to refer to previous chats. On a related note, the company is also working on multi-device support. With the multi-device support you can open and use multiple instances of WhatsApp without depending on iPhone to sync. Now that you can transfer WhatsApp chat history between iPhone and Android, would you prefer Android or stick to iPhone? Let us know in the comments below.

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